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Hey guys so I recently started downloading apps for my iPhone 5S and I have a problem.The Apple IOS iphone/iPad has a soft mute, which can result in no sound coming from certain apps over your iphone/iPad speaker, even though volume is This Soft Mute feature mutes app music and sounds IPhone No Sound Or Volume From Speaker How To Fix.The Amazing along with Stunning no sound on iphone 5 regarding Really encourage Your house Provide Home Inviting FantasyResidence]. Your troubleshooting guide here. Covers the iphone 6, 5s, 5, 4s, 4 and 3.Headphones and iPhone Speakers do not work. No sound at all: This problem is usually software based meaning in the OS. You can do the following things (in this order) to try to fix it. My brand new iPhone 5s developed sound issues right on the first day, just hours after I purchased the smartphone from Best Buy. When I tried playing music in iTunes, a YouTube video or a Live TV app no sound would come out of the two speakers at the bottom of the iPhone 5s. So, my iPhone 5, less than 3 days out of the box, will not project sound from the ear speaker under the following conditions: during calls, playback from apps that utilize that speaker, voicemail playback. IPhone 5 :: Headphone Not Working - No Sound From Left Speaker.IPhone :: Sound For Apps And Music Is Not Working. IPhone :: Sound Wont Come Out Of My Speaker But When I Have Headphones In The Sound Works. I am getting no sound from the speakers in iphone 5c vz.Sounds like a hardware issue to me. With that said try this Restart the iPhone If that does not work, which it probably will not, I suggest stopping by a local Apple Store for troubleshooting help or contact Apple Support for help.

iPhone will ring but speaker not workingiPhone : no sound for calls, apps, music.No sound on iPhone and stuck in headphone mode. Fix 1 : If your headphone jack is jammed. If your new iPhone sounds like the speaker is broken, do not fret, it is likely an easy fix.Just follow the easy steps below and chances are this will fix the distortion coming from your speakers. This solution was tested on an iPhone 5s. I have no sound coming out of the "speaker" in my iPhone 4S. If I plug in my headphones I can hear music, videos, etc. Why is there no sound coming out of my speakers? How can I fix it? I have a speaker from my broken handy (portable) music box.Can Chromecast audio play the sound from my TV to the Google home speaker. Why is my iPhone 5 left speaker not working? Loudspeaker for any iPhone (DIY). Sick of the crappy small sound coming from your crappy small iphone speaker? AMPLIFY IT with a bull-horn style DIY amplifier! This simple gadget will definitely. When no sound is coming from your iPhone, you can try a simple trick using your earphones.If dust or dirt cover the speaker holes, it will cause no sound on iPhone .These problems/ solutions are found and effective on iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, iPhone This Loudspeaker Replacement for iPhone 5 will let you use your speakerphone and listen to your music and hear your movies and games without headphones again! If youre having trouble with sound coming from the loud speaker on your iPhone 5 then swapping it out for. I have an iphone 5s which I bought from eBay.

I tried to restore the phone, changed the speaker, the lightning cable and still no sound coming and going. does anyone know what might be the problem? should audio IC be changed? Some time user worry about sound distorted, intermittent and muffled. Below solution working for any iOS devices. For the queries: how to Increase Speaker Volume, Not to enough sound coming from iPhone, Speaker not working on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch I was watching a video on my iPhone 4 and I noticed that I couldnt hear it that well. On the bottom of my phone there are two speakers (or at least I thought) and I only heard the sound coming from one of them. No sound iphone fix sound issues , sometimes iphone 4 4s 5 speaker stops producing sound earphones work facing problem tips fix sound.Solved sound coming phone, why sound ing phone watch videos phone sound ing speaker fix. iPhone 5C Speaker/Mic I noticed there are fewer holes for the speaker and mic on the iPhone 5C vs the iPhone 5 and 5S.Whenever I tried to test the speaker by changing ringtone, the phone was freeze for couple minutes and no sound came out. Other solutions for no sound coming from my iPhone.Play a song. With no sound coming out, reconnect it to a speaker dock, then disconnect it again. Sometimes the last time it disconnected didnt register. Tweet. The Apple IOS iphone/iPad has a soft mute, which can result in no sound coming from certain apps over your iphone/iPad speaker, even though volume is turned up and you can hear the sound with headphones. For iOS version 10.x please read section iOS version 10 at the bottom of this page. No sound coming from speaker on my iPhone how to fix.iPhone No Sound Step 2, Restart the iPhone. Hold the power switch and home button together for 10 seconds. This will restart your iPhone, you wil not lose any media, contacts, data, etc. If you are experiencing no volume or no sound coming from the earpiece speaker, then the earpiece speaker most likely need replacingiPhone 5s loudspeaker: 50. I think you broke the outlet where the headphones go in so when you pull them out it still recognizes. It as being in there. This happened to my computer. You will have to get the outlet replaced or get a new device. Having a microphone and speaker so close creates a loop between output and input audio ( sound coming out from speakers enters again via microphone and creates oscillation). Basically Im looking for a confirmation of the said image. You can listen to audio from the built-in speaker, headphones attached to the headset jack, or wireless Bluetooth stereo headphones paired with iPhone. When headphones are attached or paired, no sound comes from the speaker . How to FIX iPhone SOUND Problem ,Speakers and Call Quality issues ! Easy Fix. For the people who have no sound I will tell you guys how to do this. You grab a toothpick and start cleaning on top where the callers voice comes from. iPhone will ring but speaker not workingiPhone : no sound for calls, apps, music.No sound on iPhone and stuck in headphone mode. Fix 1 : If your headphone jack is jammed. Why isnt my sister iPhone 5s coming on?My iPhone 4s was working but then the sound does not come from the speakers at the bottom. They come from the speakers beside the camera ( where you put your ears to talk on the phone ) Please help and Thank you. Published on Dec 1, 2015. Iphone 5s no sound in call solutions.iPhone No Sound or Volume from Speaker - How to Fix - Duration: 12:20. Last Verdict 337,207 views. Hi all, in this video you will get a full tutorial which includes 10 steps on how to fix the iPhone no sound and speaker issue.You grab a toothpick and start cleaning on top where the callers voice comes from. How to Put Music on iPhone 5s.No Sound on iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 after Update. September 7, 2016. Stuck in Headphones Mode on iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s: Heres the Fix. So, if you are facing with iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus speaker not working or no sound issue then in this article, we are going toThe market is now overcrowded with iPhone 7 7 Plus cases, so in case that you have bought a case for your iPhone 7 you need to remove it and see if the audio will come back. can you hear sound using headphones? HT4528 Since updateing with the new IOS 7.1 on my 4s, I have NO sound coming from my speakers or volume control, but I DO have sound when my phone rings.Which Ipad is the best? Similar. I have no sound coming from my iPhone 5. I have a i5s thats works great but there is no sound during calls. I have changes mics and speakers.There is three mic in iphone 5s , is your iPhone being repaired before ? if yes then must be need to change the camera flex or might be ic got damage. iPhone No Sound Step 1, Loud/ Silent switch on exterior of iPhone is switched to silent mode which is orange. If so flick the other way to loud mode.The speaker was sputtering on and off during this time but finally came to life :). If you dont have a hair dryer, you can also put your iPhone in dry rice while A lot of iPhone 7 owners have been complaining about a mysterious hissing sound coming from the back of the device.If you cant get sound out of the speaker, or nothing changes after trying the aforementioned methods, reach out to Apple Support. However, I got a strange problem with my iPhone 5. Problem: Loud speaker doesnt work.I replaced the charging port on a itouch 4g and it now charges and connects to itunes, but i have no sound coming from loud speaker. headphone sound works though. Hi all, in this video you will get a full tutorial which includes 10 steps on how to fix the iPhone no sound and speaker issue. I have taken these steps However, with iPhone 5s, we observed that both the call audio and tones sound robotic/garbled in speaker mode. When using earpiece/bluetooth/headset, sound is clear and audible. iOS Version used with iPhone 5s: 7.0.4. Here is a complete guide on how to solve iPhone video no sound problem.

Make sure you havent connected a Bluetooth handset with your iPhone, as this may lead to prevent speaker from giving the sound. At times, the loudspeaker may also create crackling noise instead of clear sound which indicates it needs a replacement.Listed below are the required items for iPhone 5S speaker replacement. As it is, you will be able to buy these components from several online shops. In most cases, the issue is hardware-specific. iPhones software turns off the speaker when it detects a dock connection or when it detects an earphone plugged in.That results in no sound. So how to fix this no sound issue? No Sound Coming From Speaker On My Iphone How To Fix Image GallerySound and speaker has stopped working on ipad how to fixHow to fix a broken charge port on an iphone 5 imore If you hear sound coming out of the speaker, you can move onto the next phase in fixing missing sound bar. Cleaning up the dock connector on iPad will usually fix the sound bar. When encountering iPhone 5 sound not working on at all for calls, apps, music, etc iPhone 5 speaker not working on one side, or iPhone 5 no sound as stuck in headphone mode, try any of the effective options until your iPhone 5 works normally. hi no sounds come out of my speaker form i pod key tones dont work but when on phone can hear everthing and works perfect with ear phones as any one had same problemClean the iPhone charging port with a clean dry toothbrush.Read other 3 answers. What to do when there is no sound on iPhone 7/6s/5s/5? The sound or speaker issue doesnt happen a lot to iPhone, but once it does, it comes with different symptoms. Therefore, we list out different situations that you hear no sound from iPhone speaker. The 5s looks and feels almost identical to the iPhone 5, but now comes in silver, gold and the regular slate grey, along with a host of colourful new official iPhone 5s cases.The built-in speakers are placed on the bottom of the iPhone 5s as before and give you a fairly powerful sound. If any of that sounds like something youre experiencing, your loud speaker will most likely have to be replaced.The iPhone 5c comes apart much like the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. Actually, theyre mostly identical. Just like the iPhone 5s, the loudspeaker sits atop the dock assembly.



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