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When mom is away its time to play! This daddy/daughter duo might be giving Taylor Swift a run for her money. Watch the cutest dance video below. You wont be able to help but smile! Watch all Viral Videos. Taylor and Dylan dance "Shake It Off". by Thammis. Cancel Play It Again.Father and daughter enjoy Taylor Swift theme "Shake it Off". Views I dont know why Taylor Swift spent all that money on her Shake It Off video when she could have hired this adorable girl and her dad.He Set Up Camera To Record Himself Dancing, But Didnt Expect 40 Million People To Fall In Love With Him. Man Decides To Film A Tree In The Woods For An Entire Year. Taylor Swift may know a thing or two about dancing, as she reveals in the music video of her latest hit, Shake It Off. However, when this little girl andThe mini diva could melt hearts with her adorably sassy moves, and her father certainly lived up to the stereotypical nerdy dad dance moves which The daddy/daughter duo who first brought us that crazy cute video of the two dancing to Taylor Swifts Shake It Off uploaded another video, and this time their soundtrack is the girl-power anthem Bo by Fifth Harmony. Video Description. Daddy and daughter dancing to Taylor Swifts Shake It Off. I do not own the rights to this songs. Tags. Baby, Im just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake. Малыш, я просто забуду обо всём в танце, 1.

I shake it off, I shake it off.Im dancing on my own, Ill make the moves up as I go. Я танцую сама по себе, и движения меняются по нарастающей Lets be honest, dad dancing is usually pretty embarrassing but this parent seems to have nailed it! This cute daddy/daughter combo have filmed themselves grooving to Taylor Swifts Shake It Off and now the video is taking off around the world! This dad and daughter Shake It Off to Taylor Swifts hit song in this adorable and offbeat dance-off.Girl Shared Her Brain Cancer Journey From Start to End of Her Life In Powerful Video. To get payback, CeCe poses as a "Shake It Up, New York!" producer and over email, tells Kat that she is going to "Shake It Up, New York!"After the dance, the girls find out that CeCes dad isnt proposing to her mom, but instead to her dads girlfriend, who lives back in Florida. Adorable 4-Year-Old Her Dad Dancing To Taylor Swifts "Shake It Off" Is The Best Thing Youll See All Day!This adorable 4-year-old girl and her dad (aka the worlds coolest dad) created their own Shake It Off music vid—and its everything. While some fathers and daughters might read, watch a movie or play outside during their time together, one South Carolina pair decided they just wanted to Shake It Off. The result is a hilarious video of Josh Rinder and his 4-year-old daughter, Audrey, dancing to the Taylor Swift song of the same name. Dude Dances to Uptown Funk Like Nobody is Watching. The Crowd Goes Wild! This Young Girl gave a Reggae Makeover to Adeles HelloHeavy Metal Band Disturbed Paralyzes the Crowd as They Sing Chilling Version of this Classic. Dad Picks her up from School and Finds Out Shes Been Bullied! Daddy and daughter dancing to Taylor Swifts Shake It Off.I love the fact that daddy is dancing with his baby girl .That was awesome.

What a wonderful Dad and such a beautiful daughter. A fantastic duo, I would pay good money to see them on stage. Daddy and daughter dancing to Taylor Swifts Shake It Off. I do not own the rights to this songs.Man Caught On Camera Caught Fondling Blind Girl. Mexican Immigrants Throw Fireworks at a Gas Station As People Drive past. Set to Taylor Swifts uber shakeable Shake It Off, this dad and his tiny daughter move their groove thangs like they mean it.And although shes super young, girl has got some enviable dance moves. Dad Daughter dance to Taylor Swift - Shake It Off. More like this, Illinois soldier steps in for girls late father at daddy-daughter dance. At least, thats the case for this pair, who re-did Swifts "Shake It Off" music video right in their own home. Complete with costumes, dance moves and Swift-worthy enthusiasm, these two absolutelyBernice Kings Tweet About Her Dad Reminds Us That Social Change Is Often Controversial At First. If theres anything cuter than little kids dancing their hearts out, its gotta be little kids dancing with their dads. Of course, having a horse head mask is an added bonus. Taylor Swifts message to shake off the haters is great. But its just so much more adorable when a little girl " whos presumably never A Daddy and daughter duo have created the cutest parody of Taylor Swifts hit single Shake it Off that is sure to put a smile on your face. Check out the fantastically fun video, thats complete with costumes and choreographed dance moves, below This adorable daddy daughter duo has a message for all the haters. View this video on YouTube. jprinder1 / Via The viral video features significantly less twerking than Swifts clip and a whole lot more goofy dad dancing.One month before their "Shake It Off" success, they cranked up the cuteness with their dance-off to Meghan Trainors "All About That Bass." Daddy and daughter dancing to Taylor Swifts Shake It Off. I do not own the rights to this songs."Hyoris Homestay Girls Generation Center Yoonas troubles and tears. [Infinity Challenge] Legend H.O.T returned in 17 years. Watch as he uses daddy-daughter time to dance like crazy to Taylor Swifts new hit, " Shake It Off."This little girls lucky to have such a fun, loving dad. We wouldnt be surprised if he plays this video at her wedding! Dad Daughter dance to Taylor Swift - Shake It Off. Watch ». 2 years agoPhilysteak.My two year old daughter and her daddy singing and dancing to Taylor swifts " shake it off"!! 20 Meaningful Names for Baby Girls. The Top Baby Boy Names of 2018. Parents Are Angry About a Scene in Peter Rabbit. 13 Easter Movies to Watch With Your Kids.This Police Officer Dancing to "Shake It Off" Is the Reason the Internet Was Invented. Viral: News Instagram Health Girl Power Funny.Tags: cute, cute and contemporary families, cute kidz, daddy, dance, daughter, family, fans, gif, gifs, music, music minute, perezcious parenting, shake it off, taylor swift, youtube. My dad and I dance to "I loved her first", then a surprise "smoke" billows fromLittle Girl dancing for the Shake it Off uploaded by Allah Dad 514 Gizri. With his wife at work, he and his daughter film an epic dance to Taylor Swifts " Shake It Off" that leaves us all with a giant smile watching them. What a blessed little girl to have such a fun and loving dad. Cute little 4 year old. Daddy/Daughter Dance to Shake It Off. Загружено 24 августа 2014.Dancing to Shake it Off with my little girl. Загружено 30 октября 2015. Getting down like nobodys around. Something To Dance For/TTYLXOX Mash Up (from "Shake It Up: Live 2 Dance"). horse girl gif. Shake It Off! — Pennywise Dancing (Pennywise Dance)I Raped a 5-Year-Old Girl: Tenn. Man Charged After Disturbing Facebook Posts. People.4-Year-Old Pretended to Be Asleep While Dad Committed Murder-Suicide, Killing Mom and Brother. This enterprising dad and his delightful little girl made an adorable dance duo video to Taylor Swifts Shake It Off that has all of us saying Awe!This gorgeous pair will make you smile, laugh, and will make you want to dance! What a great fun-loving family! SHARE the love and pass it on! I may not like Taylor Swift, but I LOVE this dad and daughter dancing to her newest single, Shake it Off. Because horse mask. I will be that dad one day. Theres literally nothing cuter than a good daddy/daughter dance off, and this one to Taylor Swifts Shake It Off is just the cutest. With added cheerleader costumes and a random horses head (yeah, were not sure what that is about either), this adorable dad and daughter have got Taylors moves Daddy/Daughter Dance to Shake It Off. Please like us Hey, hey, hey, just think, while youve been getting down and out about Katy Perry and your (maybe) feud, you could have been getting down to this. Sick. Beat. Like YouTuber jprinder1 and his daughter, who filmed themselves doing a ridiculously cute dance to Shake It Off. Highlights of the not-so-spontaneous video include Gronk and his dad dancing to Taylor Swifts Shake It Off. For good measure, there are also a couple of guys squaring off in Sumo suits and a look at Gronks right-hand man, Goon, sporting a sombrero. Like you, it looks like this man and his little girl havent been able to stop dancing since Taylor Swift released her new single Shake It Off. And we are truly grateful for all the dancing. Set to Taylor Swifts hit song Shake it Off, the clip shows the teen dancing in different parts of the supermarket, sneaking behind people, and just not caring what others think about her having fun. And I have to say it surely looks liberating. As youve probably guessed, the girl is a huge Taylor Swift fan Battlefield 4 Shows Off Its Final Stand In The Latest Official Reveal Trailer.11,711,920 views 20 comments. Father of the year goes to this dad! Daddy and daughter dancing to Taylor Swifts Shake It Off. I do not own the rights to this songs. Follow me on Twitter jrinder.Let It Go REMIX (Dad and daughter duet in the car). Britny Pittman. Daddy-Daughter Dance-Off. An adorable father and daughter duo has fun dancing to Taylor Swifts Shake It OffCat Reacts to Horror Movie (Video). Girl on Scooter Crashes into Man (Video). Baby Lambs Breakfast Stampede (Video). Toucan Drinks Glass of Soda (Video). This dad and daughter make quite the dancing duo.This Auto-tuned collaboration between Swift and T-Pain was a skit for the 2009 CMT Music Awards that poked fun at Swifts good- girl image."Shake It Off". And, of course, Taylors latest attempt Chris Browns daughter was caught on camera totally jamming out to Taylor Swifts Shake It Off, proving that her dads love for dancing is already rubbing off on her.Clearly Chris, 27, has been showing his little girl how to bust a move! [hlamazonsingle urlhttp "Shake It For Daddy". Daddy oh Daddy Poppy oh Poppy I need to Dance.[Chorus]. And then this other girl grabbed me and she whispered in my ear she said this other girl aint doin shit its crackin over here she put my hand on her booty and it jiggle and me whoosy now we bout to make a movie in the A South Carolina father and his little girl have daddy-daughter dance parties down to a science — and theyve even got Justin Timberlake impressed.Video: Dad Daughter Dance to Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. Dad and Daughters Goofy Dance to All About That Bass Will Make You Smile.For the duos latest video, dad donned a horse head mask to dance to Taylor Swifts new single Shake It Off in an eccentric take on the hit single Daddy and daughter dancing to Taylor Swifts Shake It Off.

I do not own the rights to this songs. Follow me on Twitter jrinder. [Download] Daddy Daughter Dance To Shake It Off.Download Little Girl Dancing For The Shake It Off Fo PC Wii U PS4 PS3 Xbox One Xbox 360 With Full List Command And Cheat Files if Needed AND DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO.



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