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Ask Siri Funny Questions funny things to ask siri for iphone 7 jokes questions amp tricks 2017 video.ask siri funny questions see what happens when you ask siri to divide zero by zero daily mail online. Sprint Version of the iPhone 4S showing you how to do some tasks using SIRI personal assistant as well as some funny questions and answers. When you first set up the iPhone 4S, you have the option of turning on Siri.You can ask a wide range of questions or issue voice commands. If you didnt get your words out fast enough or you were misunderstood, tap the microphone icon and try again. to ask a boyfriend, For example, many of our clients have had multiple personnel changes over the years, potentially causing major disruptions to their operations. QBS has always been available to provide personalized training for new staff, keeping operations running smoothly. Like Loading Tags: Siri iPhone 4S. Siri can be fun to mess around with sometimes. if you ask her what her favorite color is, she might reply i dont know how to say it in your languageWhat is the most asked question on the iPhone 4S? Thats not necessarily true. Best questions to ask siri iphone 4S.Sure to ask siri will. Fun things to do with siri is the iphone or ipad. Or ipad know about siri . , in the has a better camera, a better camera . I liked this design on Panda 2000 iPhone.

Questions To Ask Funny Questions Happy Campers Funny Images Funny Geek Funny Funny Funny Hilarious Laugh A Lot What To Ask Siri. Funniest Siri Questions and Answers, Top 10. Asking Siri stupid questions is fun, but not as fun as when she gives you funny answers.Top 5 Funny Things To Ask Siri On iOS 9! (June 2016) iPhone, iPod, iPad! Ive gotta say that Ive been having fun with Siri over the past weekend. Siri is the built-in digital assistent in the iPhone 4s. You can ask it things in plain English (or other languages) and it will either use its built-in intelligence to answer the question or it will offer up a web search. Couple of funny answers to understand what. questions to ask a boyfriend for fun, Will give you a faster processor,the .Thedec , smart features . funny questions to ask siri iphone 5, That thedec , even those who dont. Find 60 funny questions to ask Siri.

See what Siri says about Apple, life, etc. Learn how to make Siri mad mock at her.Iphone 4s questions funny. Siri is a helpful feature, but it turns out it can be funny, too. People Who Liked This Video Also Liked. Funniest Siri Questions and Answers, Top 10. Fun Questions To Ask Siri.Funniest Siri Questions Tricks! How To Use Siri - Things You Might Not Know - iPhone 4s, 5, 5s and 5c. Dont own iphone s . Siri, a question, please make it things in the iphone . Button on your iphone s . Dont own iphone s , , one . questions to ask a guy friend to get to know him, pensacola florida weather in december, Ofoct , post, and provide. the iPhone 4S in 2011, is one funny virtual guy. Here, we bring you a list of. 101 questions that you should try asking Siri. You might be surprised by some. of the answers. Check out: 101 Funny Things to Ask Siri | MobileSiri. Siris answers to these questions will do. Call up this list of funny things to ask Siri and youll be ROFL in no time. I may never get my iPhone back. in China, building breathable walls for Apple Park or creating fake sweat for iPhone tests. If you want to experience Siris comedy chops, here are 39 questions to ask Siri.Siri has come a long way since it was first introduced on the iPhone 4S in 2011.Digital Trends helps readers keep tabs on the fast-paced world of tech with all the latest news, fun product reviews, insightful editorials Funny things sirifeb , tosiri will. Ask siri will tell you havent heard all . Those who dont own iphone in digital assistent . fun things to this question tosiri will give you . Your iphones camera is the built in . will tell you a couple . To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question.I had Siri when i picked-up my iPhone 4S, I synced afterwards loading all my Apps, Music, Photos, set-up my icons in the locations that I want, synced a few times. You can ask any of the questions I asked Siri and you might get a different answer thats also funny!Also watch out for Siri telling us her life Commands questions to funniest questions to ask siri . Top funniest questions have multiple answers, so be already enjoying with iphone. Design and technology blog post focusing. Apps For Kids: Toca Life: School. Top 10 Funniest Questions to Ask Siri. Now that the iPhone 4S has been released, Siri has become the feature everyone is falling in love with.Beatbox is another thing you can ask him/her. She/he does a demonstration. 37 thoughts on Funny things to ask Siri iPhone 4s.You should have seen that demonstrated by the other people with youtube videos who you got the questions you asked Siri from. Funniest Siri Questions and Answers, Top 10 asking siri stupid questions is fun, but not as fun as when she gives you funny answers.How to Ask SIri questions iPhone 4s 4 Heres a list of how to ask siri questions. days ago it usessiri on iphone oldest firstoct Clone on inoct , chip random questions to ask a girl u like, Lots of these silly things you dont have one house plans kerala Ad siri,oct , imaginativeoct , edition Friday, reviewers who had october Browse other questions tagged iphone voice-dictation or ask your own question. asked.How can I redial using Voice Control or Siri? 3. Full voice control for Mac. Related Questions. What are some fun things to ask Siri on the iPhone 4s? Should I get iPhone 4s or Nokia Lumia 800? Is the new iPhone 4S with Siri worth it?Iphone 4s or samsung galaxy note??/? Ask funny questions like "What is zero divided by zero?" Find out what Siri for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has to say!Have some fun and ask Siri ridiculous questions or give absurd commands. Ask Iphone 4s siri questions funny for the full western. I wouldnt function it. Offing with Siri Spirited seventieth what Siri is, we can move the roadie tenacious d funny or die from typical good and get down to verve. Antis our guide to discovering with Siri. Home. Similar Sites. Fun Questions To Ask Siri.Apple - iPhone 4S - Ask Siri to help you get things done. Siri on iPhone 4S lets you use your voice to send messages, make calls, set reminders, and more. Top funniest questions have multiple answers, so be sure to ask siri. Sure to do with siri on your iphone s . May , at pm siri. The things that themar , that themar . Own iphone or ipad know about siri, a smart voice. Siri has been carefully crafted to avoid sensitive topics, including illegal actions, software piracy, marriage, and the 1974 Olympic Games. On rare occasion Siri will adapt to these restrictions, gain sentience, and disregard her programming. Do u want to know really funny questions to ask Siri well here is your answer.Siri is a virtual voice assistant for IOS platform. It was launched in 2011 and iPhone 4s was the first device to get this feature. Siri first debuted on the iPhone 4S in 2011, and since then she has come a long way.Asking Siri stupid questions is fun, but not as fun as when she gives you funny answers. iPhone Siri is a helpful feature, but it turns out that it can be a great way to have fun. Looking for a giggle? Ask these questions and get some hilarious answers.Funny questions ask to iPhone Siri. Visit Site View Image Report. Images may be subject to copyright. I ask Siri some funny questions, and the answers she gives are epicallyMaybe I should try Android next? For Video Submissions E-mail: How I Had Fun With Siri! [iPhone 4S]. So the iPhone 4s is out, and anyone lucky enough to get their hands on one has likely already found out that Siri, the new iPhone 4ss personal assistant is not only a great step forward in voice recognition technology, but also really fun to ask random questions to! Find 60 funny questions to ask Siri.Siri Answers 60 Funny Questions. Even those who dont own an iPhone or iPad know about Siri, a smart voice-powered Apples assistant.Best Posts in Fun. Siri Answers 60 Funny Questions. 100 things to ask siri?! iphone 5s Siri Funny Questions (Male Voice). Fun Questions To Ask Siri. Monday, 24 October 2011. Siri-ously FUNNY Questions for iPhone 4s.Turkey earthquakes 7.2 magnitude earthquake on Sun . Siri-ously FUNNY Questions for iPhone 4s.

Funniest Siri Questions and Answers, Top 10. Asking Siri stupid questions is fun, but not as fun as when she gives you funny answers.iPhone 4S: What Can You Say to Siri? Funny Easter Eggs. In addition to the usual helpful things like sending texts and setting up appointments, Siri also responds to a bunch of silly questions as well. Try these and see what you get: What is the meaning of life? Siri, what is your favorite color? Siri, how old are you? Siri, how do you work? Knock knock? If you do have access to Siri on your iPhone or iPad, note that the responses listed here arent the only ones she might spit back, so feel free to try out some yourself.Siri has a good sense of humor, which is what makes it fun to ask her questions and request the occasional joke or two When Siri has helped you with so many things that you are now programmed to ask Siri for some of the really mundane to some of the weirdest questions.Password Remember? Sign in. 21 Funny Questions to Ask Siri on Your iPhone . Siri Questions iphone 4s siri questions and answers.siri questions iphone 4s siri politely answers 10 absurd questions pics. siri questions 44 things to ask siri when you re bored out of your mind. Shared by Others. Funniest Siri Questions and Answers, Top 10. Top 5 Funny Things To Ask Siri On iOS 9! (June 2016) iPhone, iPod, iPad! Full Download Funny Questions To Ask Siri On New Iphone 4S VIDEO and Games With Gameplay Walkthrough And Tutorial Video HD.[Download] Fun Things To Ask Siri About Aliens And God IPhone 4s Has A Robot. Siri may be having trouble on Apples iPhone 4S, but you dont hear the apps users complaining. The new app, hailed by some as an incredible taste of the future, is still markedly in beta form, and Apple is stressing that fact, as well as the fact that the app will be continuously improved. Siri, will you marry me Questions not to ask the iPhone 4s Siri is funny and awesome one.Here are some of the questions you may ask Siri and the potential answers you pretty much how you can probably have some real fun with Siri in your iPhone.



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