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Your second test pattern ( ) only matches the case where the user doesnt put any path information in, but does include a query string (e. G ).Specific .htaccess redirect based on querystring? Url redirecting using . htaccess? .htaccess query string redirect. Added on: 2011-04-01 00:00:00 by: Emanuel.So we had to try something different. Luckily we found out a "special" server-variable named REQUESTURI. First we tried the simplest way we could think of They need to go from a directory on my server to a more complex url on another which includes a query string based on the original url. He. Rewrite folder using htaccess. So this is the original url of the content Redirect URL from one domain to another including query string using . htaccess, very simple.htaccess redirect url to another url with querystring (10). htaccess redirect query string to homepage.In addition, the above snippet will redirect to whatever page you were tring to go to. If you want any request that has a query starting with "index.php" to always redirect to the homepage. I am using .

htaccess modrewrite to do this. The old site was not built by me and I am now finding out that many of the URLs have queryIn some cases, I want to simply drop all query strings for a URL and have them all direct to the same place. htaccess include query string. I know similar questions have been asked a lot of times, but mine is a bit different.I went to page 10 on Google on htaccess include query string before I decided to ask here. I went to page 10 on Google on htaccess include query string before I decided to ask here. And just to repeat, a 301 redirect is not an option, it has to stay on the same page, but load the other one (I think its called an internal redirect, Im not sure though). Enable SSI with .htaccess. SSI stands for server side includes, these are special HTML tags which you can include in your HTML documents to call CGI scripts or other HTML content. If you dont have this set in your htaccess, Apache may prepend the final path with your on disk dir structure RewriteBase "/" .Assumes ID can be only digits include all allowed chars. eg: [a-zA-Z0-9] Dont forget the before QUERYSTRING otherwise the match will fail if i is the first .htaccess redirect based on query string and remove query string.

trim query string(s) from url. How to create a rewriterule with multiple query strings?Passing a Query String via .HTACCESS. how do I redirect a subdomain to another subdomain where query string must remain intact. The query string is the part of the URL that follows the question mark (?). It is often used to pass parameters to CGI scripts or other dynamic pages.These examples all assume that they are placed in the main server configuration file. If they are placed in a section or . htaccess file, the The config file should be included in index.php unconditionally. So, when you include any js or images, you do it like this.htaccess redirect based on query string and remove query string 2011-08-24. Hi I need to extract the full url including any trailing vars in a query string. say my url is myUrlhtaccess 301 redirects with query strings. My question is a htaccess problem, so I hope someone can help. Basically my old site had urls such as : http There are two ways to do 301s in an .htaccess file. One is to do a standard redirect 301, and the other is to use the Apache modrewrite module.Here is the code that ended up working: redirect testpage.php?idstring1 to testpage.php?id string2 RewriteCond QUERYSTRING idstring1 Stack Exchange network consists of 171 QA communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted onlineI put this line in htaccess file but it doesnt matche because it doesnt consider anything after .html.You need to tell Apache to append the query string (QSA Query string append). I need to redirect a page like this (values could change in query string ).Step 1: Create a .htaccess file in the reactjs folder with content. RewriteBase /reactjs Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin Options -MultiViews RewriteEngine On RewriteCond REQUESTFILENAME !-f RewriteRule A single URL redirect is as simple as adding the following line in your . htaccess file (only if modalias module is installed on your Apache server)However, the same doesnt work well with the query based string URLs. Following redirect statements containing query strings are simply ignored as I went to page 10 on Google on htaccess include query string before I decided to ask here. And just to repeat, a 301 redirect is not an option, it has to stay on the same page, but load the other one (I think its called an internal redirect, Im not sure though). How can I get query string values in JavaScript? Reference — What does this symbol mean in PHP? htaccess rewrite to include ! Configuring .htaccess entry. Htaccess 301 redirect with dynamic URLs. What if the Query String is empty? Query string variables security risk. Accessing a Web Service using a Query String.Javascript to modify query string of request. How do I always chop off both query string and "" from document.location.href? However, if the URL is I want to bypass authentication. I am close to what I want using SetEnvIf RequestURI, but im not sure how to include query string vars into the Request URI. I have published some webpage code on GitHub and it is used by quite a few people without issue. But, just recently, a person contacted me to let me know that they are having an issue with an image not displaying properly. If we add that previous example to our sites root .htaccess file, Apache will send the custom header for every request.The "parametervalue" string (e.g "tastedelicious"), on the other hand, may include spaces if you quote the string. Apache Configuration Question. htaccess 301 redirect - Remove query string (QSA). Ive been struggling with some htaccess redirects. I just spent some time reading and searching on stack and couldnt get an anwser that works with my scenario. .htaccess Query String Rewrite. Have been going round in circles for a few hours, would really appreciate a little help. I am trying to rewrite URLs that include a query string (preceded by company.php). Data: SERVER[REQUESTURI] Data type: String Purpose: The URL path name of the current PHP file, including path-info and including URL query string.You have missed REDIRECTSTATUS. Very useful if you point all your error pages to the same file. File . htaccess .htaccess file. First Challenge: The query string URLs I want to redirect were dynamically generated by some of the old Joomla Modules so I need to do a wildcard on the first part of the query string so that anything after the wildcard is also caught with the In general, redirecting URLs is a piece of cake with Apaches .htaccess. The only trick is redirecting based on the URLs query-string value.Example 2: Redirect more than one query string. Now say that we want to redirect any query string that includes any of the following all other .htaccess solutions leads to broken links, missed images etc so I stopped to search for Apache way.Yes, Ive tried a lot of ways, including yours. I do not clearly remember what happened in that approach, but it does notThis is not working if the URL ends with two query strings (??) Google is showing "this site may be hacked", and search results include a few URLs with this kind of pattern of query string: ?langjakWed like to return a 404 for any URLs containing "langja" (at least for now while we look into it further), so added this before the Wordpress section in . htaccess Stack Exchange network consists of 172 QA communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community forError 404 after rewrite query strings with htaccess. 4. Htaccess redirecting 404 URLs to Index page. 3. redirect 204 with htaccess if url contain certain string. (and that latter original query string version still works). But now Id like to introduce pagination into category.php, so that it will take two query strings: "category" (as before) and now "page" as well. My question is, how can I amend/extend the . htaccess directive, so that a link to That means, it should not include the matched query string in RewriteCond.

Just use a group matchingI need to rewrite a URL with a query string using the .htaccess file. The actual value in the query string is not important. Setting Up a Permanent 301 Redirect in .htaccess (905439 hits).Occasionally, you may need to redirect a URL that includes a query string. This will require that you use the RewriteEngine in order to have the redirect rule properly bring your viewers to the correct page. Redirection With Query String. Snippet Code. Rate this page This code for redirection with query string. This condition is included to prevent any unexpected errors if other pages are using the ID variable. Next, I base the rewrite rule on the value forquery strings can be a little intimidating. modrewrite works by sitting on your server in a file called htaccess, and catching requests for URLs. The image is generated by a php file and I am using an .htaccess rewrite to refer to the file as .png in URLs but process internally on the web server as .php. It is my understanding that an apache server should include the original query string in the URI rewrite by default Redirect from old domain with subdirectory to new domain w/o subdirectory including full path and query string: Options FollowSymLinkshtaccess syntax: RewriteEngine on. RewriteCond QUERYSTRING id1. Last Modified: 2012-10-05. htaccess redirect folder with string. Hi, I have changed our search engine on our site, unfortunately Google had added search strings.However, like I said earlier - it is always problematic using the / symbol in a query string unless its URL encoded. Can anyone help with a recommended way to redirect ALL URLs that contain query strings to my sites home page using my .htaccess file?By registering, you agree to our terms of service, including receiving some tips and offers from us from time to time. Modifying the Query String. Best .htaccess Articles. .htaccess for Webmasters.Some of the best examples for .htaccess files are included with Apache for main server config files, so lets take a quick look at a couple of them on our way down to the actual . htaccess examples further down the page One of the most common question when talking about Apache and mass-redirections, is how to configure a query string based redirect for a specific page. Creating a single page redirect in Apache is as simple as writing the following line in your . htaccess file Are you doing a URL rewrite using a .htaccess file but the query string is being carried through also to the new URL, even though you havent specified it using QSA ( Query String Append)? I went to page 10 on Google on htaccess include query string before I decided to ask here. And just to repeat, a 301 redirect is not an option, it has to stay on the same page, but load the other one (I think its called an internal redirect, Im not sure though). You need the "QueryString Append" optionOne thought on .htaccess: GET Query String Append. Elma Tiberi says: March 23, 2012 at 02:54. QUERYSTRING captures the matched query string into variable.So, clearly, in this example, it matches the whole query string part.This is the htaccess rules: ?View Code HTACCESS. Some people might not aware of the power of htaccess, I have 17 htaccess methods in thisThe following htaccess will able to help you to achieve simple task such as redirection and webBlock out any script that includes a

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