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Watch her speech live below. UPDATE 8, March 1, 8:39 p.m. ET: So much for Rubios big comeback on Super Tuesday. Fox News and CNN have declared Trump the winner of the VirginiaTrump and Rubio are in a tight race for first place—and it might not be until late tonight that we know who has won. Background. United States politics are dominated by two major political parties, the Democratic and Republican parties, who choose their presidential candidates in nominating conventions Fox News Editors (April 27, 2016). "Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Win Big on Super Tuesday III". Fox News Super Tuesday Digital Special The Morning After Super Tuesday What Is Super Tuesday And Why Is It Important? |who will win super tuesday. sanders 2016. Fox News Trump and Clinton score big wins in nominating contests.Tucker Carlson sounds off on nightly news Trump hysterics. On the GOP side, Trump extended his significant delegate lead, as he led the pack in most Super Tuesday state races."To the candidates who have not won a state, who have not racked up significant delegates, I ask you to8:35 p.m. EST — Fox News projected Trump would win Virginia. — Fox News (FoxNews) March 2, 2016. Update 3/1 8:39 pm est: Donald J. Trump (R) wins Virginia. [Total tally of wins for Trump: AL, MA, TN, GA, VA.]2016 Republican Presidential Candidate.

super tuesday. Ted Cruz won the Iowa caucuses. What: Super Tuesday. CBSN election coverage begins at 1 p.m.

EST. Where: 13 states and one U.S. territory.After NBA All-Star game, LeBron James fires back at Fox News host. 12:17 a.m.: Sanders won four of the five states he targeted. His Super Tuesday was still a disaster.Fox News called the race in Virginia for Trump, which would be a huge defeat for Rubio if results hold. They were followed by both NBC News and CNN. On Super Tuesday 2008, McCain won a large percentage of the vote and a far greater share of delegates. Just FYI.The screens with Fox News at the rear of the Embassy Suites restaurant — and the variegated Fox, CNN, MSNBC feeds on the screens on the right side — all show the same thing. Rubio was able to win Minnesota on Super Tuesday and is looking towards the March 15 Florida primary as the best hope for boosting his campaign.Who won? Cruz. No one had a great night, but the Texas Senator had more good moments in Detroit. Clinton entered Super Tuesday with a head of steam following her landslide win over Sanders in South Carolina this past Saturday.somebody who is not a politician, who was a member of we the people, who has an outstanding life of achievement and who thinks the way they do, he told Fox News. The delegates awarded on Super Tuesday were still being counted, but the Associated Press had Trump at 258, Cruz at 110 and Rubio at 70 at midnight Eastern. To win the nomination, a Republican needs 1,237 delegates, and there were 1,996 still available. The goal of not winning last night was most achieved by Ohio Governor John Kasich, who explained to Fox News that it was never really anything they thought was going to be some great thing for the campaign.See the rest of Colberts Super Tuesday wrap-up below After Donald Trumps historic victories on Super Tuesday, this was likely the finalSo who won the debate? While it was a close call, only one candidate kept on a consistent message of conservative principles: protectingThats why, according to social media, Cruz won the Fox News GOP debate!! (We likely wont know who won Alaskas GOP caucus until the morning, so check back with us thenUpdate, 11:02 p.m.: NBC News has called Colorado for Sanders. The Super Tuesday map was aUpdate, 8:45 p.m.: Fox is calling Virginia for Trump, but no one else has followed their lead on that yet. A strong Super Tuesday showing in 2008 winning 13 of 22 contests, and grabbing 803 delegates against Ms. Clintons 799 positioned Mrin Donald Trumps taxes, the 2012 Republican presidential candidate, whose own tax returns became a campaign issue, said in an interview with Fox News. The wins just keep coming for Donald Trump, even after dropping a penis reference on national televisionNow, onto the biggest loser of the night. Marco Rubio, who saw big losses on Super Tuesday, came in last place. FOX Sports VR. FOX Soccer MatchPass.Player News. Playoffs. Super Bowl.The Republican favorite entered Super Tuesday with a sizable lead over the other candidates.In fact, just over a month ago, he said he didnt care who won the Super Bowl because Brady wasnt playing. / fox news news.With polls showing Donald Trump on track to score big in Super Tuesday primaries tonight, the GOP front-runner even considered being a no-show at the Fox News debateYesterday at 10:01 a.m. House GOP Floats Tax Credit for Armed Vigilantes Who Prowl Schoolyards. Las Vegas (CNN) Donald Trump notched a resounding win in the Nevada caucuses Tuesdayyoure not going to have a clear alternative to Donald Trump," he said on Fox News "Fox and Friends."Cruz, who is now pinning his hopes on the Southern states that will dominate the upcoming Super Bernie Sanders Super Tuesday Secret Surprise - All Hands on Deck - Duration: 6:20.Paul Ryan responds to critics who blame him for Trump rise - Duration: 6:34. Fox News 34,147 views. CNN won the Super Tuesday news ratings battle, new figures confirm.CNN averaged 1.17m viewers during primetime, slightly more than FOX News Channel, which averaged 1.14m, according to the AJC.11 TV villains who didnt deserve their redemption. He also won people who decided in the last few days by winning 31 of those votersIf that number falls to 25 or 30, then Trump is likely looking at a relatively comfortable Super Tuesday.Leading "Fake News" Site Gets Their Hands Slapped by YouTubes 3-Strike Rule. Susan Wright. With Texas as the key state to win on Super Tuesday, a live stream from KRIV-TV News in Houston can be viewed in the following video.When Is Next Fox News Republican Debate? Donald Trump Vs. Marco Rubio Grudge Rematch Watch CNN Republican Texas Debate Highlights: Donald Trumpwho needs to be "unmasked," says Rubio, who finished a distant second to Trump in South Carolina and Nevada, and is a big underdog in Super Tuesday primaries.On Fox News Sunday, Trump said he has filed financial disclosure reports, predicted he would win the Trump University lawsuit, and Who Won the Tennessee Super Tuesday Results? by Mediaite Staff | 2:16 pm, March 1st, 2016.Fox News Fires John Huddy, Brother of OReilly Accuser Juliet Huddy. Super Tuesday 3.0 Results. Find out who the winners and losers were after five more states finish voting. Infowars Nightly News - March 16, 2016 Comments.CBS. CNN. Fox News. The Huffington Post.U.S. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, who won his first state contest, Minnesota, on Tuesday. That will never happen with Donald Trump, Rubio, favorite of the Republican establishment, told Fox News on Wednesday.The Super Tuesday wins cemented Trumps front-runner status. MIAMI, Florida (FOX 11 / AP) - The Latest on Campaign 2016 in the wake of Super Tuesday resultsThe Florida senator said Super Tuesday was a "positive" night, given his win in Minnesota - even thoughHer double-digit wins in delegate rich states in the South were able to overcome Sanders, whoCopyright 2016 FOX 11 Los Angeles : Download our mobile app for breaking news alerts or to Cheat Sheet Politics Entertainment World News Half Full Arts and Culture U.S. News Tech Hunt for the Cure Science.Its arguably the biggest day in the primary voting process—heres everything you need to know about Super Tuesday 2016. Of the two front-runners, Clinton who won four states Tuesday remains closer to clinching the nomination.Quaker Oats sued over its use of known weed killer in oats production | Fox News. May 3, 2016 Life Atum 0. Donald Trump, riding a wave of victories on Super Tuesday evening, said during a victoryOn Fox, anchors Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier discussed the implications of Trumps wins with acuity and some humor.PEOPLE Explains: Carolina Panthers Employee Who Killed Her Kids and Jumped off Bridge. Fox News Breaks Own Primary Night Record on Latest Super Tuesday.Quoting Malcolm X, she wrote, "If You arent careful, The newspapers will have you hating the people who are beingMedia. Super Tuesday 2: Trump Wins 2 States Cruz, Clinton and Sanders Each Take 1 (Updating). Fox News Go.The political landscape is becoming a little clearer on the eve of Super Tuesday. March 1 is theTrump received 32.5 support from Republican primary voters compared to his rivals Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who won 22.5 and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who received 22.3. Watch Now: FOX59 News at Six FOX59 TV Schedule Job Listings.Voters will head to the polls on Tuesday in about a dozen states, for whats known as " Super Tuesday" - and theres a lot on the line. With Super Tuesday behind us and Donald Trump holding a large lead, Thursday nights GOP debate comes at a crucial time for his chief rivals Marco Rubio and Ted— Fox News (FoxNews) March 4, 2016. All four candidates agreed to support the eventual nominee. Poll: Who Won the Debate? Who do you think won the Fox News March 3 Republican debate in Detroit? Did Donald Trump do enough to maintain his hold on the Republican partys nomination?The Thursday GOP debate came two days after Trump, the former Atlantic City casino tycoon, won seven of the Super Tuesday states The Fox News moderators had ready an aggressive line of questioning and video clips that called out timesAfter Trump claimed sweeping victories in primaries around the country on Super Tuesday, formerAfter Cruz won his home state of Texas on Tuesday, he called for Rubio and Kasich to NEW YORK, March 7 (TheWrap.com) - After hours of analyzing Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and every precinct in Ohio, both Fox News and CNN have claimed victory in the Super Tuesday ratings. Falling in line behind Trump (who won seven states but lost Texas) and Clinton ( who also took seven states), theHe underperformed some pre-Super Tuesday polling (especially in Virginia) but he held his double-digit leads in theI think he has to get out, Trump told Fox News in a phone interview. — Fox News (FoxNews) March 2, 2016. 8.45 am: Ted Cruz speaks. "God bless Texas and Oklahoma," he says.Earlier, Chris Christie, a former presidential candidate who endorsed Trump, said the latter is the real winner of Super Tuesday. Super Tuesday brought ratings surges to the cable news networks.CNN won the biggest ratings race, topping in the key news demo during primetime.That bested Fox News Channels 1.364 million in the group. Wolfson reports from Washington that California, New York and Illinois are among the states where voters will go to the polls on the so-called Super Tuesday.On the Fox News Sunday programsaid he will win both the nomination and the presidency by bringing in new voters who have been John Kasich is sadly leaving Super Tuesday without a single win.Ted Cruz is trailing him, and Donald Trump is third — a first for the bombastic frontrunner, who has won six states tonight. CHRIS WALLACE (Fox News): (From video.)Whats interesting is if you had a candidate with kind of delegate lead, who just won seven of 11 states on Super Tuesday, normally there would be a bigger bandwagon effect. HuffPo Writer: Trump Won on Super Tuesday BECAUSE AMERICA IS RACIST.It cant be because people agree with any of his ideas. It must just be racism. By the way, who has been president for the last eight years?FOX News. Georgia: Clinton wins, Trump wins. Who voted: Republicans and Democrats.Super Tuesday results 2016: how states voted in the Republican and Democratic primaries.Vox Sentences. The news, but shorter, delivered straight to your inbox. Compared with the 2008 Super Tuesday, Fox News Channel was up the most — rising 40 in total viewers and 25 in the demo.Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Capture Most Wins on Super Tuesday. Broadcast networks ABC, CBS and NBC devoted the 10 p.m. hour to Super Tuesday, combining for CNN bagged most news-demo viewers who tuned in to watch Donald Trump mop up in all five states on Super Tuesday 4, while Fox News Channel clocked theBut, in total viewers, Fox News won primetime with 3.253M viewers 633K more than CNN (2.62M) and 1.77M more than MSNBC (1.

48M). Update: After John Kasichs campaign made clear he wouldnt appear at a Trump-less debate, Fox News Channel has canceled the event.Recall this digital dispatch from Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol before Super Tuesday (the first one): People close to Trump tell people who tell me that after



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