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Common Ceramic Capacitor Tags. Capacitor (108) Capacitor (158) Capacitor (228) Capacitor (338) Capacitor (478) Capacitor (688). 226 Mico Do Disco 102 50v Capacitor Cer 226 Mico Do Disco 102 50v Fornecido Por, Capacitor Ceramico, Ceramic Capacitor 102 1kv View Ceramic Capacitor 102 1kv Wmec Product Details From Shenzhen, S 471k25y5pn6 J5 Datasheet Pdf Vishay Siliconix Manufacturer Part Number. C1206C471J5GACTU.Product Training Modules. Capacitor Basics- Typical Uses for Capacitors. Video File. KEMET U2 J Dielectric MLCCs | Digi-Key Daily. 0.30 USD. Silver Dipped Mica Capacitor Radial Leads. Capacitance: 470pF Voltage: 100V Tolerance: 5. Manufactured by: Semco Part Number: DM15DFA 471J03. 471 Capacitor Value. By Administrator- 2018-02-01. would a capacitor labeled 470k be 47pf or 470pf electrical engineering stack exchange.capacitor ceramico. 470pf polyester capacitor 471. polyester green cap capacitors 10nf x100 ebay. 0 1uf 400v 10 metal poly capacitor rapid.capacitor ceramico vs polyester 28 images arma tu propio mini transmisor fm por menos de 3. 100 pz CBB condensatore 471 2000 V 471J 2KV 470pF 0.47nF P15 CBB81 Polipropilene Metallizzato Film Capacitor.60 PZ/LOTTO 471 2KV 470PF CONDENSATORE CERAMICO nuovi prodotti e ROHS IN MAGAZZINO.

Disc Capacitor 471 470PF High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor 6KV. Components. GRM1555C1H471J Datasheet. Chip Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor. 1. No Preview Available !Electrical Characteristics Data. 0402 C0G 470pF 50V. Murata Global Part No:GRM1555C1H 471J. 1. Dimension.

CONDENSATORE CERAMICO.CCR05CG471JR. Capacitor. Avx corp, san fernando electronics, spectrum control, inc westcap. Passive Components Capacitors Ceramic Capacitors. Walsin Technologies 0402N 471J500CT.SMD Condensador Cermico 470pF 50V 5 NP0 0402 POE / WALSIN Dachs. Cap Ceramic 470pF 50V C0G 5 SMD 0402 125C Paper T/R Chip One Stop Japan. Type: Ceramic Capacitor. Capacitance: 471. Brand Name: JMY. Model Number: 10KV 471M,High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor. Operating Temperature: -30 C85 C. Place of Origin: Guangdong,China (Mainland). 471BCR050K datasheet, 471BCR050K circuit, 471BCR050K data sheet : ILLINOISCAPACITOR - 85C Temperature Stable Ceramic Disc Capacitors ,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components and Semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes471BCR050K. Download. Leakage Current. Within specified value.

The above Specifications shall be satisfied when the capacitors are restored to 20 after the rated voltage applied with rated.471. KEMET Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCCs) are a preferred capacitance solution, offering tremendous performanceKEMET is driving ceramic capacitor technology advancement, resulting in smaller case sizes, better performances and lower costs. Various sizes and voltage ratings are available for corresponding capacitance ranges. Please contact and consult the local offices/headquarter of SAMSUNG Electro-Mechanics.Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor. part numbering. CL 10 C 101 j b n C . s471k25y5pn6 j5 datasheet pdf vishay siliconix. ceramic capacitor 104 datasheet 28 images 15kv 101k 103k small size big capacitance high. datasheet capacitor ceramico 103 28 images c1632cxxxx datasheet ceramic capacitor array. For extended value 1210 case size - solder reflow only. CAPACITOR ORDERING INFORMATION (Standard Chips - For.Failure rate level. Capacitance code. A- Not Applicable. Expressed in Picofarads (pF). Capacitor cermico 471 4.>.Primer nmero 7.>.Segundo nmero 1.>.Cantidad de ceros Entonces quedara as 470 pF 0.47nF 0.00047 uF El capacitor cermico 471 es de 0.00047 microfaradios Si quers saber su valor puedes medirlo con un multmetro. Results: 1-19 of 19 "471 ceramic capacitor". Image. Part Number.147-75-471 -RC Multilayer ceramic capacitors (mlcc) - leaded axial 470pf 50volts c0g 10. Xicon. General Type MLCCs. Que Es Un Capacitor Ceramico 28 Images Capacitor 104 Condensador Bater 237 As De, Condensador El 233 Ctrico La Enciclopedia Libre, Drowland, 470 Pf Capacitor 28 Images Cd471k2 5kv 85 N2200 Fl Dielectron Capacitor 470pf 2500v Ceramic Panasonic Electronic Devices Corporation of America is ISO 9001- 2000 and ISO 14001 registered. 1. Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors.Panasonic Part Number (By Sleeving Style) PVC sleeve with Top Plate PET sleeve without Top Plate. EETUQ2D391HA EETUQ2D 471HA EETUQ2D561HA 05 Jan. 2016. Conductive Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors. Characteristics list. Series. Rated Capacitance voltage (20 ) (V.DC) (F).EEFSX0E391ER EEFSX0E391XE EEFSX0E391E4 EEFSX0E471ER EEFSX0E471XE EEFSX0E 471E4 EEFSX0G820ER EEFSX0G101ER The industrial release of power electronic capacitors (350VDC500VDC) with the largest capacitance per product has been done by Hitachi as pioneer once more.HP32D391M XS3 HP32D471M XS4 HP32D471M YS3 HP32D471M ZS2. 0.50 USD. Capacitance: 470 pf. Voltage: 50 v. Tolerance: j. Temperature: npo. Lead type: -. Package: bulk. Item per pack: 5000. 103 capacitor ceramico 28 images disc ceramic capacitor rich china manufacturer capacitor.melhor qualidade de 102 103 104 221 471 332m 2kv alta tens 227 o capacitor cer 226 mico capacitores id. Ceramic chip capacitors. Introduction. Ceramic chips consist of formulated ceramic dielectric materials which have been fabricated into thin layers, interspersed with metal electrodesF,j,k C0805N431(3)1G(4)L CDR31BP431B(3)z(4) f,j,k C0805N471(3)1G(4)L CDR31BP 471B(3)z(4). C317C471J2G5TA. Product Category: Ceramic Capacitors. Manufacturer: Kemet. Description: Cap cer 470PF 200V NP0 radial. C317C 471J2G5TA Datasheet. Package AC250V Ceramic Capacitor Non Safety Certied Type. 3 DEJ Series (Based on the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law of Japan) DEJ Series Specications and Test Methods.DE2B3KY471KpppU02F 300Vac(r.m.s.) B 470pF10 7.0mm max. Поисковая система электронных компонентов по онлайн-складам и прайс-листам поставщиков. Архив документации. Таблицы взаимозаменяемости компонентов. (ceramic Capacitor) K471j15c0gf5wh5 , Find Complete Details about (ceramic Capacitor) K471j15c0gf5wh5,Ceramic Capacitor,Tantalum Capacitor,Electronic Components from Integrated Circuits Supplier or Manufacturer-Shenzhen Xinlin Electronics Components Co Ltd. CapacitorMetalClad470pF1KV. MCM01-009EF471J-F SpecificationsRoHS Compliant By Exemption. Capacitance. 470 pF. Tolerance. A Enciclop 233 Dia Livre, Capacitor Wiki Espanol 28 Images Condensador Electrol 237 Tico File Electrolytic Capacitor, 470 Pf Capacitor 28 Images Cd471k2 5kv 85 N2200 Fl Dielectron Capacitor 470pf 2500v Ceramic, Capacitor Ceramico, Wiki How To Read A Capacitor Allpcb. C0603C471J5RACTU KEMET Capacitor Ceramic Multilayer is in stock for immediate shipping. AUCHIPS is the distributor of C0603C 471J5RACTU, CAP 470PF 50VDC X7R 5 SMD 0603. Temperature Capacitance Capacitance. Coefficient. Code. Tolerance. A C0G (2 significant digits C0G: J 5.Jj jjjj. K. 470 471. B a aa a. CCC. USD 4.21. Film capacitor 475 630V CBB capacitor 4 7UF630V inverter DC welding machine accessories. SPECIFICATIONS Disc Ceramic Capacitor (Lead free). ! Soldering Heat Resistance as below Temperature profile. ! Solder Iron 400.KA KR see dimensions LA Page 41 LR. Example from page 48 "Type" for standard items. Type: gb 471 k. (C0402C471J4RAC7867).Package Kind: TR Package Size: 7 in/180 mm Package Type: Paper Tape Package Quantity: 10000. Specifications. Capacitance: 470 pF. The capacitor made of this kind material is considered as Class capacitor whose capacitance is higher than that of class . These capacitors are classified as having a semi-stable temperature characteristic and used over a wide temperature range, such in these kinds of circuits471 A A. Ceramic Capacitor -- 0603N471J500CT.Configuration / Form Factor. Chip Capacitor. Technology. Multilayer. Applications. General Purpose. Capacitor (Dielectric) Type. KEMET C0402C471J5GACTU | Capacitor: ceramic MLCC 470pF 50V C0G 5 SMD 0402 - This product is available in Transfer Multisort Elektronik.KEMET C0402C471J5GACTU. Most capacitors actually have the numeric values stamped on them, however, some are color coded and some have alphanumeric codes.470pF Ceramic 471 .33 Mylar 334. 560pF Ceramic 561 .47 Mylar 474. GRM1555C1H471J. Description. Chip Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor. Manufacturers.Electrical Characteristics Data. 0402 C0G 470pF 50V. Murata Global Part No:GRM1555C1H 471J. 1. Dimension. General Information. Vishay BCcomponents. Ceramic Disc, RFI and Safety Capacitors. IN ACCORDANCE WITH IEC RECOMMENDATIONS CERAMIC CAPACITORS ARE SUBDIVIDED INTO TWO CLASSES: CERAMIC CLASS 1 or low-K capacitors are mainlyD 471. K. 1 234. SPK Y1-471K datasheet, Y1-471K PDF, Y1-471K download, Y1-471K datasheet pdf, Ceramic Disc Capacitor.Y1-471K Datasheet. Ceramic Disc Capacitor. No Preview Available ! Search results for capacitor ceramico. Capacitor ceramico. . capo electronis. of DC and ripple peak voltage shall not exceed the rated working voltage) when the capacitors. are restored to 20 C, the capacitors shall meet the limits specied below.EEUFR1V471L( ) 200 1000 EEUFR1V471( ) 200 500. Specifications and Test Methods. Capacitor Arrays GNM Series.GRM15XR71H471KA86 X7R (EIA). Ceramic capacitors belong to the family of ELECTROSTATIC capacitors. They have the following characteristics: They are Non-Polar They dominate the lower range of capacitance values They are the most widely used style of capacitor (LargestValue Code. NPO. 0.5pF 470pF 0R5 471. Damp Heat (Steady State). The specifications listed at right shall be met when the capacitors are restored to 20C after the rated voltage is applied for 1000 hours at 60C, 90 RH.5200. PLF0J471MCO6.



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