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Today, we will be taking a closer look at the new flagship of the Devils Canyon, the Intel Core i7-4790K.The i7-4790K is 3C cooler than i7-4770K. Although not a big figure it is still an improvement. Im going to buy Intel Core i7-4790K processor but it says that it comes with a cpu cooler, should I buy one or not?More about intel core 4790k cpu cooler. Description. The Intel Core i7-4790K processor is engineered to deliver a good performance and power efficiency. Its CPU features a bus speed of 5 GT/s and can be installed on motherboards with integrated FCLGA1150 slots. Intel Core i7-4790K CPU 4.00GHz. Threading.Retail (Stock Frequency : 4000 MHz). Cores Frequencies. I have a Intel Core i7 4790k with a Hyper 212 evo cooler on it in a new system I just built. I dont know much about temperatures but thought I would test my temps to make sure I got the cooler on correctly with enough thermal paste to do the job. I am running a Core i7-4790K with the bundled cooler that came in the boxed version of the processor.Now my new Haswell chip runs quite hotter with the bundled cooler with around 40C at idle and under almost maximum load at around 100C! No price premium over Core i7-4770K. First all-core 4GHz processor from Intel. Should work on most LGA1150 motherboards.

Cooler running.Intels Core i7-4790K is the high-end Haswell-based processor for enthusiasts who liked last years 4770K CPU, but werent satisfied with its modest « A Quartet Of Silent ZBOXs Demoed By ZOTAC At Computex Intel Reveal The Core i7 4790K i5 4690K Cutting Edge ASUS ROG Products Shown Off At Computex ».Raijintek Bring Low-Profile Design RGB Lighting to CPU Cooler Range. Shadow Rock Slim. Cooler Master GeminII M4.ID-COOLING FROSTFLOW 240L-W. Intel BXRTS2011LC. Intel BXTS13X. Intel Core i7 4790K 4.0GHz Quad-Core 8MB Cache With HD Desktop LGA CPU Processor.ALSEYE CPU Cooler TDP 120W Dual 80mm LED Fan 2200RPM 2 Heatpipes Heatsink Radiator. CPU Cooler. Peripherals. Mouse.Among other things the selected motherboards have the LGA 1150 CPU socket that the Intel Core i7-4790K 4-Core 4.0GHz will fit into, providing motherboard to CPU compatibility. Intel Core i7-4790K Devils Canyon Review and Overclocking.

Quitando que e calienta mucho y que el cooler que mete lintel es una castaa solo tengo palabras positivas para este procesador, potencia estabilidad y buen Continue reading our review of the Intel Core i7-4790K Devils Canyon CPU!!I have just purchased this CPU and currently shopping around for an aftermarket cooler (as Intels HSFs are crap). The i7-4790K represents Intels first ever consumer processor with a base frequency of 4 GHz (weI mean if you already have a Core i7-4770 then yeah this is not something for younot sure why you are complaining though?EVGA Releases CLC120 CL11 AIO CPU Cooler: Simple and Affordable. The masses were waiting for Intels new processors, codenamed Devils Canyon featuring the next flagship Haswell chip, the Core i7-4790K.So if youre upgrading from LGA 1155 to LGA 1150, you can easily equip your cooler on the latest socket from Intel without any sort of trouble. Core i7-4790K Devils Canyon overclocking revisited. Can a retail chip and a fancy MSI MPower mobo go further? by Scott Wasson — 7:06 PM on July 23, 2014.Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L and Q300P are tidy and affordable. 7. Intel re-issues Haswell and Broadwell Spectre fixes. Quad Core with Hyperthreading Technology, 4.00GHz clock speed, 22nm Process, 8MB L3 Cache, Dual Channel DDR3 Controller Corsair H100i Cooler. Intel Core i7-4790K 4.00GHz. Compare. Average CPU Mark. Socket: LGA1150 Clockspeed: 4.0 GHz Turbo Speed: 4.4 GHz No of Cores: 4 (2 logical cores per physical) Typical TDP: 88 W. Other names: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU 88 W. Type / Form Factor. Intel Core i7 4790K (4th Gen). Cache Memory Details. Smart Cache - 8 MB.1. Type. Core i7. Number of Threads. Devils Canyon, or Core i7-4790K, uses what Intel terms a next generation polymer thermal interface material (NGPTIM) that enables cooler and higher-performing processors, ostensibly to lower temps and improve frequency headroom. INTEL CORE i7 4790K. Overclocked i7 performance from a stock CPU Intel hits 4GHz out-of-the-box.Our other gaming tests do show some improvements, but generally only by one or two frames per second on average. Cooler clocks. We compare the Intel Core i7-7700 with the Intel Core i7-4790K with a wide selection of benchmark tools and data to help you choose the right processor, for your computing needs.Reasons to consider Intel Core i7-7700. Intel Core i7 4790K. CPUBoss Winner. Join the discussion.vs. 22 nm. A newer manufacturing process allows for a more powerful, yet cooler running processor. Supports trusted computing. This download record installs the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool release, which is compatible with multiprocessor systems.This download installs the Intel Graphics Driver for Braswell, 4th and 5th Gen ( I have a ROG MAXIMUS VII HERO MoBo with Intel Core i7 4790K CPU. I have a CoolerMaster Hyper 103 cooler sitting on the CPU ( I got it for free with the CPU ). I have optimized defaults in BIOS, except I set XMP for RAM. CPU Cooler : CPU : Thanks ! Core i7 4790K Cooler If I use Core i7-4790K without overclocking, with Intel setting Clock Speed 4 GHz and Turbo Frequency 4.4 GHz, can I use original Intel cooler or I must buy extra cooler? Intel released the Intel Core i7-4790K, which created quite the stir with Intel Core i7-4770K owners.The Intel Core i7-4790K runs cooler than the Intel Core i7-4770K on stock thermal compound, with fans at stock voltage and frequencies. When we set the Core i7-4790K to the same 3.5GHz base/3.9GHz Turbo clock speeds as the Intel Core i7-4770K, it ran a full 15 degrees cooler—50 degrees Celsius, compared with 65 degrees Celsius for the Intel Core i7-4770K. Intel Core i7-4790K Haswell Quad-Core 4.0GHz LGA 1150 - How To Build PC Gaming - How to install CPU.Im showing how to install CoolMaster HYPER 212 EVO CPU COOLER on GIGABYTE G1 Gaming GA-Z97X-Gaming 7 LGA 1150 Intel Z97 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s Intel Core i7-4790K. Codename.OS netbook Monitors PC CPU cooler xbox 360 Storage demo Pictures Geforce ASUS HTC LCD Webmastering cooling CeBIT Development vs IOS Radeon Security Servers Web-Review notebook ps3 DirectX 11 E3 Glass Guide Web conso intel I7 Blogger Intel Core i7 4790K Cooler. CPUs Forum - Hi, So have a i7 4790K at stock clock and I want to know how hot does it get at stock speeds load and no load, also what is the best cooler to keep it super low temps. The Intel Core i7-4790K, codenamed Devils Canyon, is an upgraded 4770K, Intels current flagship i7. The 4790K features an improved thermal interface which enables it to dissipate heat more efficiently than the 4770K. Опубликовано: 10 нояб. 2014 г. Kevin here on behalf of Simple Tech Reviewers doing a install of the Intel Core i7 Haswell CPU in our Asus Maximus motherboard. I also show you how to install the H100i cooler from Corsair. Cpu Cooler I7 4790k - Find the Largest Selection of Cpu Cooler I7 4790k at PC Intel Core i7 4790k 16 GB 256GB SSD Corsair Graphite 780T.

1,100.00. CPU Solutions Intel Core i7 4.0Ghz Quad Core PC. Home Hardware Guides Intel i7 4790K Devils Canyon Overclocking Guide.Overclocking is not suggested with the stock CPU cooler provided by Intel, it is highlyX-Core Ratio Limit Allows you to change the multiplier of the specific core X, to change one or all of the cores operating frequencies. Intel Core i7-4790K Processor review including performance and popularity data.Intel Core i7-4790K compared to popular Processors. You can find a good value for money by comparing the money bar (green) with the performance bar (blue). A faster CPU that runs significantly cooler makes the choice between the two a no-brainer. Youll have to wait a couple more weeks before the i7 4790K ships to customers, but it can be pre-ordered byIt manifests itself in our hands as the brand new 4th generation Intel Core processor, the i7 4770K. My System has a Intel Core i7 4790k 4.5ghz Cooled by A Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO With a MSI Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition and 16GB of Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz Memory. share. The list of motherboards, compatible with the Intel Core i7-4790K microprocessor, is based on CPU upgrade information from our database. Although for each board we provide PCB and BIOS revisions that support the processor Подробные сведения о Intel Core i7-4790K 4GHz Quad-Core (BX80646I74790K) процессор и кулер процессора- без перевода.Cons: Runs hot, use a good cooler. A bit expensive, There are older 6 core extreme processors that perform better on workloads for cheaper used. The Intel Core i7 4790K CPU scores impressive results with the minimum and average frames per second, resulting in smooth gameplay.If you are interested in overclocking its important to use an 3rd party cooler rather than the stock cooler included with Intel processors. There is a problem with a lot of Mobos and the i7-4790K. Load and use Intels extreme tuning utility to check.thanks for the help. i guess i fixed the problem by installing the cpu cooler once again. my idle temp is now about 25-30 C. i guess this is good. Intel Core i7-4790K desktop CPU: latest news, detailed specifications, benchmarks, side by side comparison, FAQ, pictures and more from CPU-World.base clock is 4.0GHz on mine. has turbo set to 4,7GHz stable with coirsair H100 cooler and have not tried higher due to massive heat generated If the Core i7-4790K does really have an improved and better TIM and packaging, a 5GHz overclocked could be very much attainable using air cooling alone (Im not referring to the Intel stock cooler). We review the Intel Core i7 4790K processor aka the Devils Canyon architecture from the Haswell refresh series.Once you will pass 1.45V not even a H110 LCS Corsair cooler will save you as the package temperature (on our sample) increased to 85 Degrees C. 1.30 to 1.40 Volts seems to be Intel Core i7 4790K 4.0GHz Socket 1150 Box without Cooler.Intel Core i7 Gen 4. Micron technology. 22 nm. Number of cores. Hi, I just built my first Hackintosh using an i7 4790k and the stock intel cooler. I saw the exact same results you did the first time I tried to stress test all cores using the "yes" command. At idle, I was only at Intel Core i7-4790K Haswell Quad-Core 4.0GHz LGA 1150 Desktop CPU. No problem installing and working great could not be happier.I know this might sound like a fake review but its not cause pcmasterrace. ProsSee specs. ConsStock cooler cannot handle this bad boy (or girl). Userbenchmark intel core i7 7700k bx80677i77700k, the core i7 7700k intel flagship kaby lake based cpu reported ipc predecessor skylake paring 7700k 6700k shows.Ark survival evolved. Related Post : Best cpu cooler for intel i7 4790k. Unless you switch to Intels top-end platform with its support for six- core processors, the Core i7 4790K is the most capable gaming CPU on the market.Initial reports see it hitting 4.4GHz with its supplied stock cooler. In the now multi-threaded world of PC gaming, can two cores still cut it?



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