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I am currently stuck on a problem dealing with the php sdk facebook api. Can someone tell me why getuser isnt getting the current id of the current user or why access token isnt working. I spent hours trying to figure it out is unknow in PHP? How to get fb app scoped id from global id and access token?I have some trouble Im new with the Facebook API Below is the API reference for the Facebook SDK for PHP.An OAuth 2.0 service to obtain a user access token from a redirect using a "Log in with Facebook" link. Now that you know which URL to call in order to do the posting, let us come to the code snippet which will do the actual posting on the Facebook wall of a user via the Graph API without using the PHP-SDK. One thing you must remember that passing an access token is of utmost importance There are two solutions to get rig of this. Use the userid instead of /me. Set the access-token prior sending the api call. For the first you can make the call as. Finally many viewers of the playlist "Facebook PHP SDK v5" asked that how to debug access token using Facebook Graph API and PHP SDK forIf you are getting started to start making apps using Facebook PHP SDK v5 and login with Facebook using Facebook Graph API then this is the first Im using the Facebook PHP SDK (v3.2.3, not v4.0)(httpsProblem is, Facebook tokens only last about 2 months. To fix this, I created a table which houses every FB Access Token that Facebook has given for all of my FB-based users. In this tutorial I have explained how to get Facebook access token using PHP SDK v5.0.

For this you need a facebook app and facebook API.Exchanges a short-lived access token for a long-lived one accessToken oAuth2Client->getLongLivedAccessToken( accessToken) Installation. The Facebook PHP SDK can be installed with Composer. Run this commandNote: This version of the Facebook SDK for PHP requires PHP 5.4 or greater.If you provided a defaultaccesstoken, the access-token is optional. response fb->get(/me, access-token I can get the access token by below code. Login.php.requireonce DIR . /facebook-php-sdk-v4-5.0-dev/src/Facebook /autoload.php Facebook PHP SDK : Login And Get Basic User Info - Curl - Facebook Graph API - Learn Quickly - Продолжительность: 11:02 Sopheamen Van 13 784 просмотра.How to get facebook access token and use it - Продолжительность: 3:42 United TV 53 572 просмотра.

Facebook PHP SDK v5: Debug Access Token - Part 33. Finally many viewers of the playlist " Facebook PHP SDK v5" asked that how to debug access token using Facebook Graph API and PHP SDK for Facebook AccessToken for the Facebook SDK for PHP. Requests to the Graph API need to have an access token sent with them to identify the app, user and/or page that is making the request. Facebook PHP SDK v4: Access Tokens from Facebook Login (manual redirect).Facebook PHP SDK Examples. Once you have a session, youll have access to the all-powerful API. Ads API Python SDK. / PHP Requirements: PHP 5.4 or greater.The shows how to get a user access token using the Facebook SDK for PHP. This tutorial explains how you can develop a basic facebook application using Facebook Open Graph API and PHP SDK.Retrieving users friend list using fb graph api userfriendList facebook->api(/me/friends?accesstoken.accesstoken) userprofile facebook->api The fbConfig.php file is used to configure Facebook SDK and connect to Facebook Graph API.If FB access token (accessToken) is available, the following will happen. Access token will be stored in the session that will be used for next time API calls. To access the Facebook API you need an App ID and secret.Keep the browser window open to have access to the App ID and secret on a later moment. The Facebook SDK for PHP v4.0. For Access token, its very simple, use this function getAccessToken(), and youll get the access token to make Graph or Rest API calls.FYI, Facebook posted an update to the PHP SDK about 2 hours ago which adds support for the new cookie format, if youre creating a session on the client I have some trouble Im new with the Facebook API The think its that I need some way to renovate the users acccess token weekly, but user only do click on "login Facebook" button once. So the idea its to save the access token and weekly renew it. I found that. Home Programming Get Facebook C Api Access Token.return accessToken Redirect to Facebook to allow accessAlso, open source project facebook sdk for c has also few samples on desktop application as well.PHP HTML5 Video Streaming Tutorial. Tutorial On Uploading File With CodeIgniter Framework / PHP. facebook->setAccessToken(newaccesstoken) facebook->api(pageid./conversations, GET) The above should solve the access token issue.facebook,facebook-graph-api,facebook-php-sdk,php. An API call to httpsPost to Facebook using the Facebook PHP SDK. facebook new Facebook(array( appId > APPKEY, secret > SECREATEKEY ))The default expire time of Facebook access token is 2 hours, but we can get the extended Access Token up to 60 days. Using the Graph API, I can get an access token, but that token does not seem to work properly with the Facebook C as it see.I am trying to fetch user data from facebook using facebook PHP SDK. (I am developing the site in codeigniter). My Programming Tutorials » api » Post into Facebook Page using PHP SDK v5.In above code we have to set a callback URL (fb-callback.php), Facebook uses it to send back an access token. The Second option is to do as. accesstoken facebook->getAccessToken() facebook->setAccessToken(accesstoken) retobj facebook->api(/me/feedmessage > Posting with the PHP SDK! )) NOTE: publishstream scope must be send while doing the login. The best article that explains them is How to handle access tokens with Facebook SDK v4The initial token can be obtained from Facebook Graph API tool. However, that is just a short-lived access token, which will expire in an hour or two after generation. useful links: the facebook php sdk facebook developers facebook developer docs issue with facebook php sdk and localhost cookies error validating access token setting return url authentication permissions using offline access token examples with the facebook Graph API. facebook facebook-php-sdk facebook-apps facebook-access-token.How to generate the Facebook Marketing API access token for use in the Windows application.or app signed if (session !this->overrideToAppSigned) return session[ accesstoken] else return this->getAppId() .|. this->getApiSecret()Hi guys! Go for oauth2.0 for api, facebook PHP-SDK library now turns to old, also try to avoid using session, its no longer flexible as well no Getting Access Tokens Access Tokens from Facebook Login (manual redirect) You can implement Facebook Login (OAuth 2. accessToken willme/facebook-php-sdk/?replytocom1628respond) If your app is on Facebook Canvas. you wont have access to the API.x — a complete guide! | First Name: api(/me)without appending the useraccesstoken? Unexpected application identifier using Facebook PHP SDK API.I need to be able to do this without having a user logged in, which I was able to achieve with an extended access token generated by goi. First of all simple steps get Facebook Access Token we need to simple use a Libs Like as a PHP SDK 5.4 or more to communicate with devloper account to Facebook API. we can download here PHP SDK 5.0 from following click to free link Download Facebook PHP API SDK 5.4 or Php Facebook Api.requireonce Facebook/autoload.php requireonce Facebook /Authentication/AccessToken.php fb new FacebookFacebook([ appid > 2452542542fsrgrgrg, appsecret > 5245dffhdhr5535353535, defaultgraphversion > v2.2 save token to PHP session . SESSION[accesstoken] session->getToken() show some text.Facebook PHP SDK v5 errors on posting into facebook page - 3 replies. Facebook Graph API: How to get AccessToken in PHP SDK v5 - 4 replies. Im using the Facebook PHP SDK to call relevant APIs to post and get data. At present Im saving a user access token in the database but it expires after 60 days. The latest version of the Facebook PHP SDK makes it easy to get a long-lived accesstoken, giving you access to the users profile for up to 60 days, opposed to 1-2 hours with the regular accesstoken.Facebook, Facebook Graph API, PHP. ajax to insert php variables into database. How to parsing csv when the facebook-php-sdk serverside graph api call with app token.Facebook PHP SDK misbehaving after December 12 updates. Getting a Malformed access token t ype:OAuthException,code:190. [] Example.php on Github, this is the definitive way of using PHP and JavaScript for Facebook Ben Biddingtons Facebook Graph API and Getting Access Tokens Great post on almost everything surrounding this issue. You have to create a Facebook app and you need a PHP SDK to communicate with Facebook API.A significant difference is that Twitter Access Tokens will never expire (according to current Twitter policy), while Facebook Access Tokens will expire in 60 days. As the Facebook PHP SDK v4.0 gets closer and closer to the next big release of version 4.1 (probably in August or September of 2014), the internal structure keeps gettingAn access token is basically a really long ID that is required in order to make calls to the Graph API. The token identifies the following I am trying to get PAGE ACCESS TOKEN using facebook USER ACCESS TOKEN The Steps I have completedMy php code returns USER ACCESS TOKEN instead of PAGE ACCESS TOKEN.Dane pochodz gownie ze strony stackoverflow.com oraz s pobierane za porednictwem API serwisu. In the PHP 3.0 SDK there is no getSession() or any session handling from outside the Facebook api available.Like in this questions answer I am retrieving the access token of the OAuth dialog with PHP and save the new access token in the session. This throws An active access token must be used to query information about the current user. error and asks for login. After I click login, the post is sucesfully posted.Facebook graph API and post-remove callback with the new Graph SDKs (PHP ). Browse other questions tagged php facebook sdk facebook-access-token facebook-marketing-api or ask your own question.Hot Network Questions. How to balance respecting diversity and avoiding tokenism at the same time. I have just upgraded an application that connects to the Facebook API to the newest PHP SDK.My application only reads from publicly available Facebook pages and therefore does not require a user login, but all requests required an access-token parameter. Access tokens are needed to make calls on facebook graph api. Before that user has to allow offline access permissions to your app.Also you may check out my previous post where I shared simple example of facebook iframe app with new php-sdk API.

facebook access token with no expire date. Facebook Graph API Request.Facebook app access token us not getting generated for a new user. Get users facebook info after login using facebook php sdk.



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