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Note that .content needs to use display: inline-block if it is to be centered horizontally using the text-align property.How do I vertically center text with CSS? 262. Center align image within div horizontally. 3. three divs positioning inside table cell. .content overflow: hidden .floatme float: left .wrapper display: table-cell width: 200px height: 150px text-align: center vertical-align: middleSee example three. IE < 8 does not recognise display: table-cell this is a fairly big one! Should IE be important to you, use conditional CSS to Why You Should Use CSS How to Use CSS Inline Styles Embedded Style Sheets External Style Sheets ClassPadding around cell content Spacing in between table cells.The value can be left, right, center or justify. (Please see Aligning Text for a full description of the resulting effects.) Pingback: HTML/CSS - Vertically Center Content - Container Height Agnostic - Developer Life.table-cell, vertical align and all that was not working for me, just about to pull all my hair out until I found this. I LOVE YOU! The align attribute specifies the horizontal alignment of the content in a header cell.CSS Example: align content inside . In our CSS tutorial you can find more details about the text- align property.Center-aligns content. So, use CSS to align text in table cells.It will override any style set in the HTML